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What impact will the loft conversion have on my house?

With a new loft conversion there are a couple of changes that take place to the existing house

Two Storey Houses

If the house already has two floors including the ground then it is necessary to create a safe fire exit route from all habitable rooms to the front door. This is created by changing the existing habitable room doors (that lead onto hallways) with identical fire rated versions. The new doors within the loft conversion are also fire rated. New smoke alarms are also fitted within 3 metres of all habitable rooms, which usually means ground, first and second floor hallways. These smoke alarms must be mains powered, battery backed and all linked together so that they all sound together.

The new staircase is often fitted above the existing where possible. This means that little or no space is lost from the existing layout of the house.

To provide a safe fire exit route the existing staircase must start near to an existing external door. If the existing staircase lands within a reception room then it will be necessary for one of the following options;

  1. An enclosed wall must be created from the existing staircase through to the nearest external door.
    This is often the case where a staircase starts in an existing lounge area - The new wall is then installed with a new fire rated door to give access to the lounge whilst also enclosing the staircase out through to the external door
  2. An enclosed hallway can be created at the foot of the existing staircase with two fire doors to give two options of egress.
    This is often the case where a staircase starts between two rooms so providing two new fire rated doors gives the option of two exit routes usually to the front or rear of the house
  3. A replacement staircase
    Sometimes it is easier to replace the existing staircase with a new one which is the opposite way round so that the staircase starts at a more advantageous point near an external door
  4. Sprinkler system
    If none of the above options are viable then a sprinkler system can be installed on the ground floor to cover the route required to provide a safe exit. This method is by far the most expensive and can sometimes out way the decision of having a loft conversion


In the case of a bungalow fire doors are not required but smoke alarms are still a requirement, which need to be fitted within 3 metres of all habitable rooms, which usually means ground and first floor hallways. These smoke alarms must be mains.

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