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Construction Materials


The staircase is the ultimate link on a completed loft conversion that will allow you to pass from the existing landing up into the new loft conversion. For us it is of paramount importance that there is a natural progression between the two floors in terms of not only the build quality and installation but also of the aesthetic look of the new staircase. Using the available space for the new staircase it must still adhere to building regulations for its size and pitch.A new staircase can only have a maximum pitch of 42 degrees. Our staircase company design and build beautiful staircases that will seamlessly match your existing staircase identically. Alternatively you can also have a ‘one off’ custom design to your own specification and then also alter spindles, handrails and newel posts on your existing staircase for a different look altogether.

All staircases are made of softwood pine for the treads and sides (strings) with plywood risers for maximum strength and durability.The handrails, Spindles and Newel posts are also constructed from pine, but any of these items can also be constructed from many hardwoods if required to match the existing staircase. We do not use the lesser quality MDF type in any of our lofts as they are well know to soak up moisture and then move and creek over a short time period. Handrails, spindles and newel posts are


All timber used within our loft conversions is premium grade tanalised. Tanalised timber is impregnated with a preservative solution under high vacuum pressure in an industrial vessel. This treatment process ensures deep penetration into the timber cells, for a longer-lasting protective result against fungal decay and insect attack than the application of a surface coating.

All timber used is also sourced from a sustainable supplier displaying the FSC Logo (Forest Stewardship Council) which is an organisation concerned about the accelerating deforestation of forests throughout the world. For more information of the FSC please follow the link:

Flat roof

All our flat roofs are constructed from either traditional 3 layer high performance felt system, the finish is green mineral which we find is the most durable covering.

EPDM rubber roof systems are also available which will cover the roof in one seamless piece of rubber. The rubber roof comes with a 20 year guarantee and a 50 year life expectancy

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